For Custers in Biddinghuizen we renovated two existing turkey stables with insulated concrete panels to create stables with internal wintergartens for 1-Star Better Life broiler chicks.

On one side of both stables, the insulated concrete panels were completely removed up to 20 cm above the concrete floor. Instead we installed aluminium frames with perforated sheet pile walls that we made for this purpose.

The partition between the stable and the wintergartens was constructed using a concrete plinth resting on vertically placed galvanised studs and horizontally mounted 80 mm sandwich panels. We mounted our Beek Agri free-range hatches into this wall.

Because the roofs were almost fully covered with solar panels we installed a strip of dimmable translucent windows in the partitioning wall between the stable and the wintergarten and dimmable Beek-Agri VDV 1000 PLUS skylights in the roof.

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Chickens have returned to Beek in Barneveld. The first stable is ready and the second stable is almost ready for handover. The 3-Star Better Life free-range chickens are enjoying the Chore-Time aviary. As a Chore-Time dealer, Beek Agri’s knowledge of building chicken stables is unparalleled. This is why installing these VIKE-2 – 2500 model aviaries was a foregone conclusion. These aviaries are equipped with the ULTRAFLO feeding system. The shape of the feeding trough is evident on one of the photos. The augur that distributes the feed is located in the cylindrical portion. Beekamp supplied the heat exchanger. The heat exchanger helps reduce energy consumption, increases the efficiency of production and contributes to a better end-product. For any questions call +31 (0)318 701 047.

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For Kipster in Beuningen, we were asked to supply and install our special insulated mega free-range hatches. We also supplied and installed our standard insulated free-range hatches.

Furthermore, in cooperation with Beek Deuren various wicket and sliding doors were supplied.

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In Zeewolde, we renovated the entire Larei farm to create a 1-Star Better Life quality label farm. In stables 4 and 5 on the ground floor and on the first floor we installed two sandwich partitions combined with doors and insulated free-range hatches. Our complete frames were used for the side faces of every stable. Translucent plates were installed in the wintergartens between stables 1-3, as well as a longitudinal partition that can be raised with a winch.

A prefab canteen/hygiene lock was also installed in cooperation with Beek Montage and Beek Deuren. This concept is the perfect solution for a small building. Ask us about what we can do with our solutions for your prefab building!

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In Den Bommel we built a new stable equipped with a sandwich dividing wall combined with our insulated free-range hatches and our sturdy wicket doors (
In addition, we equipped the outside faces with a perforated sheet pile wall and below this our uninsulated translucent free-range hatches.
We installed our dimmable PLUS skylights into the slanted roof to reduce daylight by 3%. The skylights are divided into four rows to provide for effective light distribution.

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In Oene, Beek Agri converted a two-story stable into a 1-Star Better Life quality label stable. An indoor and outdoor wintergarten was constructed here. In this project insulated free-range hatches were installed in combination with the sandwich outer wall, but were also incorporated into the existing concrete wall. Outer wall frames were used to renovate the existing side face, as well as to give the outdoor wintergarten structure and provide it with a side face. Here you can also see how the outer wall was professionally disassembled by our workers.



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